Keppel Datahub

In Singapore, Keppel T&T, through its subsidiary Keppel Data Centres, manages and operates high-availability data centres. As a carrier-neutral data centre operator, Keppel Data Centres provides dedicated co-location suites, data centre solutions as well as round-the-clock technical support to its customers.

Its technical expertise has enable Keppel Data Centres to build data centres that are not only best-in-class for reliability and connectivity, but are also green and energy efficient. It has developed high-specification, investment-grade data centres such as Keppel DC Singapore 1, 2, 3 and 4 which form part of the portfolios of Keppel DC REIT and the Alpha Data Centre Fund. 

Keppel T&T's data centre facilities are designed not only to offer high levels of security, but to also maximise energy efficiency. Highlights include:

  • Chilled water system with no environmentally hazardous refrigerants
  • Enhanced security features that include multi-levels of security clearance
  • On-site 24x7 facilities management, monitoring and security
  • Redundant scalable DRUPs configuration
  • Real time monitoring and management of power, cooling and humidity
  • Water and leak detection system within the suites
  • Power Monitoring for consumption statistics and billing
  • Fire protection system within the suites - smoke detectors, gas suppression and pre-action sprinkler systems
  • Full telecommunication route diversity
  • Strict cable management systems (with colour coding for quick identification)
  • Green features
    • Efficient cooling systems designed for hot and cold aisle containment deployment which maximises energy efficiency
    • Extensive use of green cement and sustainable products
    • Motion sensors and zoning control for data centre area


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